Law Identification - Fake Cards Child Law Identification - Fake Cards Child

Law Identification - Fake Cards Child

Law Identification - Fake Cards
Law Identification - Fake Cards
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I think you are asking about state identification card for Arizona state. You can visit Applying for a New Arizona MVD Identification Card |  and can get all the information. Past answer indicates information for Arizona State University (ASU) identity card, aka Sun Card.

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Well, first off it's called a Sun Card and you don't apply to get one -- once you're admitted to ASU you're eligible (and required, I believe) to get one. Just go to a Sun Card office and they'll get you one. Here's a link to the locations.
You go down to the DMV and apply for one just as you would a driver's license.  They require two forms of identification, one must be your birth certificate,  and the other either your SS card,  school ID or work ID,  or something similar.

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Law Identification - Fake Cards
A ‘fake ID’ is one that does not belong to you, been illegally made to look like a real ID or been altered or scratched in some way to make you look older. In South Australia, proof of...Fake Identification Cards - Child Law